• EQM-C app offers specialist presenters and commentators a unique tool to give the viewers an objective indication about the quality and degree of difficulty (D.O.D) of the (FTM) tests, providing the viewers (layman / amateur-rider / fan) with a wider, deeper and objective perspective of the choreography and music used in the Freestyle.

  • Using the EQM-C app in broadcast increases the viewers’ insight and knowledge about dressage, not only for the layman but also for the amateur and expert. This way a tool is offered to make dressage sports more understandable, more transparent and more attractive for television. The usefulness of comparable graphical/interactive tools as applied to football and Formula 1 racing has already been proven. EQM-C now offers the same innovative tool for dressage sports.

  • Predefined choreographies and music (per FEI requirements) are used as input for EQM-C animations and interactive analysis.

  • EQM-C visualizations and data can be used for analysis in preview and review of the dressage tests.

  • Real-time (synced overlay) application is possible.

'Freestyle is the pinnacle of Dressage execution and when it works, the result is magic.'