• EQM-C app is an innovative and unique app that visualizes the highest level of dressage tests and choreography, and can be played before, after and in sync (real-time) during the test, including the Freestyle to Music.

  • EQM-C is applicable to:

    - Dressage tests used in World Cup League, European and World Championships including the Olympic Games
    - Grand Prix, Grand Prix Special and Freestyle to Music

  • In Freestyle to Music, EQM-C offers visualization comparable with football and Formula 1 telemetry used in broadcasts.

  • EQM-C is developed by the Dutch pioneers and experts in Freestyle Dressage to Music productions.


The EQM-C app shows the choreography of tests in an easy to understand ‘gait’ notation, including:

  • halt
  • salute
  • walk
  • rein-back
  • collected and extended trot
  • collected and extended canter
  • half pass canter and trot
  • single and double pirouettes in canter
  • passage
  • half pass passage
  • piaffe
  • piaffe pirouette

EQM-C app offers:

  • A total overview of dressage-tests choreography, including the Freestyle
  • All ‘matching’ elements in choreography symmetry (Freestyle)
  • Pre- or review of all the highlights
  • ‘Play-mode’ in realtime – with or without music
  • Preview of all possible D.O.D. (Degree of Difficulty) elements
  • Graphic overview of all the musical elements, and where they are used (e.g. Leitmotiv, Themes, Transitions)
  • Overview of style and / or genre of the music 


'Freestyle is the pinnacle of Dressage execution and when it works, the result is magic.'